We are all watching as bitcoin begins to hover around the $9500 mark and are looking for the best time to buy in. There are also many other Altcoins which like bitcoin, have shown some great strength and growth in this year of 2019.

As we move closer to the bitcoin halving we are considering how high bitcoin could go. Many are suggesting and predicting highs of $100,000 this year in 2019.

No one knows of course how high, or how low, bitcoin and the other altcoins could go. Yet one thing is for sure, fortunes have been won and lost in crypto and there are many more millionaires to be made from bitcoin.

When we look at Coin Market Cap what we see is over the last few weeks there has been a lot of turbulence in the markets. There have been major ups and also major downs and there have been a lot of movements in alt coins as well.

Where all this movement is heading is how we can buy in, and sell our coins, at the right time to book a tidy profit.