How much is Cory Monteith worth?

Net Worth:$2 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:May 11, 1982
1.92 m

Who Is Cory Monteith

It was an unlikely success story when fans first heard of a new musical series about a high school glee club, but Glee went on to become a huge success and find a fan following in both tweens and adults alike. With it, it brought a new breed of young up-and-coming stars including a little-known Canuck named Cory Monteith.  

We calculate Cory Monteith has a net worth of $2 million dollars, as of 2020.

Rebellious Past

Like most people in his line of work, acting didn’t materialize easily for Cory Allan Monteith. The Canadian-born singer/actor knew from a young age that school wasn’t for him, eventually dropping out as a ninth grader when he admits he started to rebel—drinking and committing petty crimes. But he wasn’t so sure if acting was his true calling, and experimented with several odd jobs as everything from a Wal-Mart greeter to a roofer before venturing into television and film.  

He started landing small one-off roles on shows like Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural and Smallville beginning in 2004. He landed a lead role in a made for TV movie, Killer Bash, in 2005 before getting a recurring role in Kyle XY and a lead role in the short-lived MTV series Kaya in 2007.  

Back To School

But his big break didn’t happen until two years later when he was 27. FOX took a chance on an idea for a musical dramedy series following the exploits of a high school glee club. The show, Glee, became an instant unexpected hit when it debuted in September 2009, and its young, singing-dancing ensemble cast became stars. Monteith starred as a conflicted heartthrob—quarterback of the football team and most popular guy in school, but also one of the stars of the less-than-glamorous glee club.  

In real life, Monteith’s popularity isn’t up for much debate. He was rumored to be romancing sexy starlets like his Glee co-star Lea Michele and country singing phenomenon Taylor Swift. As far as his career goes, he’ll be appearing next in the romantic comedy Monte Carlo alongside Disney darling Selena Gomez. But his acting chops and this boy-next-door looks aren’t all Cory plans to flex. He has expressed interest in following in Michele’s footsteps and releasing a solo album.

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