How much is David Spade worth?

Net Worth:$60 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:July 22, 1964
Country:United States of America
1.7 m

About David Spade

David Spade was born in Birmingham, Michigan on July 22, 1964. His family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona when he was four years old and was raised with his two brothers by his mother. Spade, the youngest of his family, remembers being beaten up by the other kids in elementary school a few times each week. Spade’s brother, Andy Spade, is the co-founder of the high-fashion handbag company, Kate Spade. Andy’s wife, Kate Spade, tragically committed suicide in 2018. Though David Spade was raised in relative poverty, he has climbed the ranks and is now a 55 year old American comedian, actor, writer and producer worth $60 Million. He has never been married, though he does have a daughter, Harper, with former Playboy Playmate, Jillian Grace.

We calculate David Spade has a net worth of $60 million dollars, as of 2020.

How did David Spade get so rich?

David Spade got rich through his acting career and was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in September, 2003. Spade is well known for his starring hilarious role in Joe Dirt (2001), Not only did Spade star in Joe Dirt, but he also co-wrote the movie with Fred Wolf which earned him even more money from the movie.

Spade has also added to his net worth through appearances in Lost and Found (1999), Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003), The Benchwarmers (2006), Grown Ups (2010), The Do-Over (2016) and Father of the Year (2018). He is also well respected for his TV work. For his role in Just Shoot Me!, David Spade was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards.

In addition to his role in the long-running sitcom, Just Shoot Me!, Spade also acted in the sitcoms Rules of Engagement, and Eight Simple Rules. David Spade’s voice work in animation includes Beavis and Butthead, The Rugrats Movie, The Emperor’s New Groove and Griffin the Invisible Man in the Hotel Transylvania series (2012-2018). David Spade has maintained a good relationship with Adam Sandler since their friendship working on Saturday Night Live together. Sandler has acted alongside Spade and also given him roles in movies that he has produced. Beginning in 2005, David Spade hosted a show on Comedy Central called, The Showbiz Show With David Spade.

Off the screen, David Spade has found financial success with real estate. He has owned properties in Beverly Hills, Malibu and West Hollywood, California. in 2013 he sold a house in Malibu to Ted Sardanos of Netflix for $10.3 Million.

Why is he so famous?

After receiving a Bachelors Degree in business from Arizona State College, David Spade often performed stand up comedy in bars, theaters, clubs and at colleges. One night while performing in Los Angeles, he was noticed by an agent who then cast him in his first movie role, Police Academy 4.

Spade spent his entire pay from Police Academy 4, a whopping $6000, to buy a Honda Accord. In the 1990s, David Spade wrote sketches for Saturday Night Live and also acted as a cast member, though in his first season, 1975, he only appeared three times. To date, he has had at least 70 roles on SNL and he has portrayed others such as Joan Rivers, Kurt Cobain, Tom Petty, Michael J. Fox and Brad Pitt. He is well known for many skits such as the sarcastic “Hollywood Minute” reporter.

Though Saturday Night Live gave Spade a big start into his career, he left SNL in 1996. He found success acting along side Chris Farley in movies such as, “Tommy Boy” (1995) and “Black Sheep” (1996). Spade was devastated at the news of Farley’s death in 1997 and did not attend his funeral. Though some speculated he did not attend due to a dispute, Spade insisted that he could not emotionally handle attending the funeral. From 1997-2003, David Spade played Dennis Finch on the sitcom Just Shoot Me! which is really credited for his fame.

What makes him so successful?

David Spade once said, “You can either look at things in a brutal, truthful way that’s depressing, or you can screw around and have fun.” Perhaps it was this mindset focusing on positivity that has made David Spade have a successful funny-man career. David Spade’s success is especially inspiring when you consider the hardships that he has been forced to endure in his life.

As the child of divorced parents, Spade spent much of his time unsupervised while his mom worked many hours to support their family. He and his brothers all owned firearms as children and he remembers spending time playing in the desert and shooting at animals. Spade’s father left the family and allegedly rarely paid child support. His step-father who helped raise him and his brothers eventually committed suicide.

His hardships did not end as his career took off. In 2000, David Spade’s personal assistant, David Warren “Skippy” Malloy attacked him with a stun gun and tried to rob him while he was sleeping. Malloy was said to be on cocaine at the time of the attack. In line with his positive demeanor, Spade later said that Malloy was a good person in spite of the attack. Though the courts convicted Malloy for his crimes, Spade wished him well.

What made David Spade so successful is likely a combination of talent, determination and luck. If David Spade had experienced a more comfortable childhood, would he have worked so hard to make a change and find such great success in life? If he had not been forced to endure such obstacles as a young person, perhaps Spade would not have come so far.


David Spade’s quick-witted, sarcastic sense of humor has become a staple of the comedy world and he has maintained a prominent name for decades. His story is a true “rags to riches” story, as he started life with very little and currently is worth $60 Million. His love of stand-up comedy started when he was very young and when his childhood got rough and his stepdad killed himself, he used it as a means of escapism and forged a career. The luck he experienced when he was discovered for SNL and and later movies and television was fueled by his talent for making people smile, and enjoy humor in their lives.

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